Kayaye Project

The term KAYAYEE is a Ghanaian term that refers to female porters or bearers. They have always been manual laborers who transport goods to and from markets. They normally carry loads of shoppers in large pans placed on their heads as they assist these clients or shoppers to which ever distance desired for a meager fee. Many of these women have migrated from a rural community especially the Northern part of Ghana to any of Ghana’s urban cities, especially Accra. They move down south in search of better employment prospects so they can save money for various forms of investments and seek to improve their livelihood. They toil away in markets in Ghana often in poor conditions and with minimal income. Occasionally, these ‘KAYAYEE’ are brought into private homes to perform domestic tasks. They live in slums, markets, bus stations and communities without basic sanitation, poor hygiene and nutrition conditions with little or no education, no employable or any entrepreneurial skills.

Our role:

MBA Mode Institute as a Fashion institution delights in the development of such individuals and as we understand the need to join hands with other well-wishing philanthropists to provide vocational skills in fashion design and entrepreneurial abilities to these KAYAYEE and the less privileged in our communities. In this regard, we have secured partnership with We-give Foundation, a non-governmental organization and Africa Is Life Changing, (AILC -USA) to support in providing full sponsorship for a complete one year program in fashion design for these KAYAYEE and partial sponsorship for the underprivileged that pursue courses in fashion design with MBA Mode Institute.

Project Management:

MBA Mode has joined forces with AG Care Ghana Limited in order to manage and fulfill our mandate on the KAYAYEE project. AG-Care Ghana located at Agbogbloshie in Accra is a non-governmental organization committed to uplifting the livelihood of the less privilege, seek to identify these KAYAYEE from the street, pick them up, rehabilitate, accommodate and provide them with initial vocational training in dressmaking, beads designing and hairdressing. MBA Mode provides the KAYAYEE with both practical and theoretical advance training in fashion design. The course includes Tailoring, Dressmaking, Fashion Illustration, Computer Aided Design and Entrepreneurship.

Project benefit:

MBA Mode has identified the financial need of these KAYAYEE and therefore seeks to provide total sponsorship / scholarship program to these underprivileged KAYAYEE so they can:
1. Develop marketable vocational skills
2. Enjoy advance training and learning
3. Experience state of the art learning environment
4. Use of ultra-modern fashion equipment & facility
5. Build emotional and psychological confidence
6. Set them up when they graduate with free fashion startup pack, business in a box and an industrial machine.

Conclusion: MBA Mode, as part of its social responsibility, seeks to collaborate with Corporate institutions, NGOs, well-wishers, philanthropists, the general public and other institutions of care to provide vocational skills in fashion design and entrepreneurial abilities to the less privileged in our community and most especially the KAYAYEE in our market places. These assistance either in cash or kind is able to secure and provide tuition cost, cost of fabrics and accessories for classroom assignment and project work, as well as providing industrial machines and start up kits to set needy and the less privileged graduates up, to be able to commence business as soon as they graduate. Together, we assist needy but enthusiastic individuals who would want to acquire vocational skills in fashion design and construction, and equip them with the requisite skills to become great entrepreneurs in fashion.